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For your total comfort, this dual motor recliner from Sherborne Upholstery, boasts two motors.

One controls the back rest and the other controls the footrest.

The motors operate entirely separately, so you can easily adjust the chair to your individual comfort.

There is also an additional button, which automatically resets the chair to a normal fireside chair position.

We supply them from stock in a selection of neutral colours.

Our two man van crew, who have worked for us for over 20 years, will unpack your chair, plug it in, make sure all is working, offer complete operational instructions and will not leave until you are fully comfortable with you new dual motor recliner.
The cost of this excellent product is just
Registered disabled do not pay VAT so pay £599.20p

Finally, all moving parts on this recliner are guaranteed for a full five years.

Please call 01553 776659 for more information or pop into our store opposite Debenhams on the High St., King's Lynn
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